A sweet and good sense

All of us have experienced the feeling of joy and energy in seashores and the forest areas.
Certainly you ask yourself that why we feel freshness and liveliness after lightning and rainfall beside waterfalls.
The answer of this question is:" the number of existing negative ions in these situations is high that draws scientists' attentions in many years.
Growing the number of existing negative ion in the air leaves an extraordinary impression on the human's body's biochemistry and these ions are produced by various cold and warm vaporizers.

To be familiar with Ultrasonic Vaporizer:

After many years use of warm vaporizers and technology and science advance, this kind of apparatuses were invented and innovated for cure of some diseases.
Nowadays, this kind of vaporizers is used for all seasons beside, warm vaporizers that only are used in cold seasons.
These apparatuses powder the existing water in the vaporizer tank by ultra voice system and send it to out of the tank by a fan and cause it humid and produce negative ions in the air that Food and Drug of the America Organization (FDA) confirms it and knows it useful for hospitals, offices and residential areas.

The Advantages Of Uuse

Removing dust and air contamination.

Feeling of freshness and joy

To protect skin

Prevention of skin cells getting old

Keeping oxygen in blood

To improve the revenue of the body metabolism

To raise amount of soberness
Removing tiring
To raise body's resistance (security system) against diseases

Impression on treatment of headache, sleeplessness, allergy, asthma

To cure respiratory diseases in new born babies and many other advantages


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